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Hanging Up Wall Hangings

This works for any shape quilt. For a round topped wall hanging, instead of a 'sleeve' on the edge of the quilt, make a pocket. Take a piece of backing fabric (I use a heavier fabric for very large quilts), cutting a half circle the size of half your quilt plus an additional 2" across the straight edge. Hem this edge by folding up 1" twice and stitching. Sew the pocket under the binding on the top half edge of your quilt. Then cut a piece of foam board in the shape and size of the top half of your quilt. Slip that into the pocket and slip stitch the pocket closed or use Velcro dots to close. I use a regular sewing needle to hang it with. Just tap the needle into the wall and then pop the foam board onto the needle. The quilt holds its shape and only one small needle hole in the wall. I've used this for on-point or diamond shaped quilts too. Works beautifully.