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Mitered Borders

Step 1:

Cut your top and bottom borders the width of your quilt, plus twice the border width, and add 2" inches extra. Repeat for length of quilt.

Example: Width of quilt before border = 72"; width of border(s) to be added = 5" (72" + 5" + 5" + 2" = strip 84" long.) Cut 2 strips 82" long.

Step 2:

Center and pin the borders in place. Start and end seams 1/4" from edges, backstitching to secure. Press seams toward quilt top.

Step 3:

Fold quilt on diagonal, right sides together. Align border strip raw edges, border seams at the 1/4" backstitched point, and pin in place. Draw a stitch line, extending the fold line from backstitch point to outer edge of borders. Stitch, backstitching at 1/4" border seam.