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Setting Your Blocks on Point

"How do I set a block on point?" This is a very simple technique, but one you must be careful with, as you'll be dealing with bias edges. Nothing can ruin a quilt more than bias edges being stretched all over the place. You may want to consider using spray starch or sizing on your square before cutting, which will help keep it a little more stabilized when sewing. Especially good idea for thinner fabrics.

To set a block on point, you need to first calculate what size square you'll need to cut to make the setting triangles. To accomplish this step, follow this calculation: Take whatever your block size (for example, 15"), and divide that number by 1.414. Then ADD .875, which will then equal the size of square you'll need to cut. You may need to round up or down a little bit, but I say it's safer to have it a little bit larger and then cut it down, rather than have it too short, thereby not leaving a good 1/4 inch to add your next portion to! Then you will cut that in half, diagonally. Obviously, you'll need to make two of these squares, if setting on point. So again, to recap:

Block size DIVIDED by 1.414, then ADD .875, equals size of square. Then cut square diagonally.