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iDye Fixative 3oz


Helps retain color intensity over time and reduces the risk of backstaining when laundered. For items that will be frequently washed or have particularly intense colors. iDye Fixative is a cationic resin used as a post treatment for dyed fabrics. Use with natural fibers only (cottons, linens, rayon, hemp, etc., and silk and animal fibers). iDye Fixative increases wash fastness, stops bleeding, and helps prevent back staining. iDye Fixative can also be used with other negatively charged dyes such as Procion MX, Concentrated Vinyl Sulphon, Remazol dyes, and commercially dyed fabrics that may bleed.
- Easy-to-use
- iDye Fixative can be used on most 100% natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, rayon). Not for synthetic fabrics.
- One 3 fl oz/88 ml jar treats 9-18 lbs/4-8 kg of fabric.
- One 0.49 fl oz/14 g packet (approximately 1 tablespoon) treats up to 3 lb/1.4 kg of fabric